Why Panther City name?
It seems many people have forgotten, if they ever knew at all, how Fort Worth became known as Panther City. The panther’s presence is everywhere within the city limits. There’s Panther Island Pavilion, Panther Island Brewing Company and statues of the large cat quietly sleeps among the hustle and bustle of downtown Fort Worth.
How does the process work?
Please check out our process page where we explained how we work 🙂
Can we add electrical for a fan or lights?
Most jobs we add electrical (for fans or lights) or plumbing (for a gas line or bathroom addition). We can include that in the project to provide a turn key project.
Can you mount a T.V. for us?
Most definitely we can, we also work with an Audio Video company if you want to completely automate your new backyard.
Will I need to move sprinkler heads before you pour our new patio?

We work weekly with a local sprinkler company to move irrigation before construction starts and adjust coverage for the addition and the test entire system at the end of the job. We include relocating the irrigation for the project if required with our quote. We will provide a separate estimate for any additional work needed for another part of the property.


If your homeowners association requires approval and city permits, we help with the process from start to finish including documents for HOA and City Planning. Some projects require engineering (structural and drainage) and we can assist in acquiring that as well.