custom outdoor kitchen in fort worth, tx


Everything must start with a vision. Begin by collecting ideas on Pinterest, jotting down all the items your dream space would have, and find photos of outdoor spaces that speak to you. We are only a phone call away once you are ready to make your dream a reality.


Based on our conversation over the phone or email, we will then schedule a time to meet at your home. We will talk through any inspirational photos and ideas you have collected to get a full sense of your vision as well as discuss the goals and budget for the project.

After the meeting, PCAP will put together a quote based on your desired project goals and budget. Our quotes are line itemed to clearly show the breakdown of pricing and avoid any costly surprise. The quote we provide will not increase for the project unless additional work is requested.  Additional pricing will then be provided to complete the project.


The PCAP team will schedule a time with you to begin work on your project and bring your dream outdoor space to life! Construction time can vary based on weather and other ongoing projects, but we promise to continually communicate with you. We strive to be respectful of your project and home with a clean job site every evening and courteous tradesmen.


Our end goal is to help you create a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.